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The need to protect your data from external adversity or even internal hardware failure is an issue plaguing many small to large-scale companies. With these issues aside, there are problems of accidental deletion, hardware damage and data theft. With unpredictable technological advances, no machine is safe from potential data insecurity. What every company needs is a cost effective yet potent solution that will prevent loss of data in the end.

This is where the inimitable services of Esconet technologies come in. We offer comprehensive and cost effective solutions to help you consolidate protect and generate backup for your data. Our services extend to servers, laptops, and large processing machines as well. When you invest in our services, you can be convinced of knowing that your data is completely safe and secure. We have a lot of scope for company-wise customization. With the best interests of your company at heart, we offer high-level security measures catering to your specific needs.

Onsite backup hardly holds scope for efficient data recovery in face of a chronic data loss. To that end Esconet technologies have quality automated backup solutions to help minimize security threats and provide a reliable and assured plane of data recovery in the face of data loss. Also, these solutions are completely customizable, providing ample scalability to include future needs of a budding institution, financial or otherwise.

Esconet Technologies offers basic data loss prevention solutions like email backup, and storage solutions for application files, documents and database information. We provide tape driven solutions for small and medium scale businesses, to help them adopt a cost effective means for short-term local backup and long-term offsite data backup. In addition, we provide disk driven solutions for critical information and take care of situations that need instant backup facilities with remote backup options. For the highest level of protection and security from data loss, we also offer cloud-computing facilities. We can equip your company to store information wirelessly across the world without any hassles of privacy encroachment and data loss.

Invest your faith in Esconet Data Loss Prevention Solutions and we will help you reach beyond the limits of success.